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The 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club was founded in 1987 by Bill McLaughlin, Toronto, Canada (a 1929 McLaughlin Buick roadster owner since 1976) to foster greater understanding and knowledge about all 1929 Buicks: the US produced "Buick", the Canadian produced "McLaughlin Buick" or the Australian "Holden" bodied Buick.
Bill McLaughlin
Bill McLaughlin I come from a Buick background. I'm a distant relative of R. S. (Sam) McLaughlin who is the recognized name connected to McLaughlin Buick, the Canadian Buick company. The McLaughlin Carriage Company started in the late 1860's. It morphed into The McLaughlin Car Company and ultimately became General Motors Canada. Continue reading
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Buick produced 19 different models in 1929, including coupés, sedans, touring cars, roadsters, a limousine, and broughams. McLaughlin Buick offered all 19 models in Canada. In Australia, 11 models were available (including an Australia only, roadster).

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The 1929 SILVER ANNIVERSARY BUICK Club's NEWSLETTER covers all aspects of 29 Buick ownership, restoration and use. It features restoration and special tool articles, photos and drawings of key parts, an area to ask restoration questions, articles on member's cars, classified ads for parts wanted and for sale as well as information on upcoming Buick meets. Continue reading
The 1929 SILVER ANNIVERSARY BUICK NEWSLETTER has featured almost 2000 articles dealing with all aspects of 29 Buick ownership, restoration and use.

The 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick NEWSLETTER is the ideal forum to exchange ideas and information. Continue reading
The Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter celebrates its Silver Anniversary – 1987-2011