The 1929 Silver Anmniversary Buick Club
How To Join The 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club

1929 BUICK OWNERS – For your one year membership, you get:

Send me the completed form and:

In Australia, rates are $15 Aust. by email or $25 Aust. per year by mail.

Payment: PayPal is the easiest (email me me for details). I accept most currency equivalence, if sending cash - but only cheques drawn on USA or Can. banks, please (Canadian $'s accepted at par).

Click for Downloadable membership form.

Right-click (Windows) / Ctrl-click (Mac) to save the form to your computer for printing. (Adobe Reader required to view and print the form).

Print, fill out and either email or fax the form with PayPal payment or mail me the form with PayPal, cheque or cash payment to:

Bill McLaughlin,
81 Roxborough St. W.,
Toronto, ON,
M5R 1T9, Canada.

FAX 416-929-0945

The 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club is intended for people who own either a 1929 Buick, 1929 McLaughlin Buick (Canadian built) or 1929 Holden bodied Buick (Australian built) or those people interested in this year / marque.